Saturday , December 3 2022

Jawad Ahmed

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Recent google AdWords changes

Recent google AdWords changes Believe it or not, recent Google AdWords changes could mark huge impact on the advertisers.  Yes I must say that, it will affect each and every advertiser.  What are the changes? What changes did Google AdWords make? Google has recently changed the AdWords display results. They …

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iPhone 7s

There are many rumors claiming iPhone 7s is going to be launched soon. Rumors claimed iPhone 7 as a thinnest iPhone ever like super thin or something. Anyhow, the most recent publicity claims its extreme thinness with a couple of hardware innovations. Furthermore, the iPhone 7s will be the foremost …

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The Future of Freelancing

The word Freelancer named as an independent outworker, gig worker, free agent, self-employed, or something else. There is a lot of population functioning outside for their economic arrangement. Freelancing in nowadays has a wide range of technology available. It can be easily performed with the help of different sources like …

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10 Queries about Freelancing

Every beginner wants answers regarding freelancing like what is freelancing, and how to be a freelancer? The answers of 10 different questions regarding freelancing are mentioned below: Define freelancing? Freelancers are also known as the businesses or individuals that hire their services. Generally, freelancing completes when some individual offer services. …

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