Saturday , December 3 2022

Jawad Ahmed

Hi, I am Jawad, a talented and versatile writer with 6 years of experience developing effective materials, including press releases, Article Writing, Article Rewriting, Web content, Ghostwriting, Creative writing, Blogs, News, Reviews, Feature Articles, Proofreading, software manuals, and Web Content.

Core user of each Social Network

Core user of each Social Network Who is on facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, snap chat and other network? It is very essential for the social media marketers to know that. Who is the core user of each social network? This is because by having the information about the users; marketers can …

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Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows Microsoft Windows or simply Windows is a set of family that works on personal computers. The Windows is the most famous version of computer software however it took a long period in its development and improvement. Windows was made commercial in 1985 for the first time. The first …

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INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY IN BUSINESS MANAGEMENT Technology has allowed modern era to groom fast. Through which major operations of stock exchange, trade, educational and other sectors are easily to be managed. New inventions in technology like informational technology have helped all sectors of modern era’s trade. Especially it plays an imperative …

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Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle Healthy life style means physically fit and mentally active. People from all fields of life desire healthy lifestyle. They struggle for being healthy, wealthy and wise. The race of becoming wealthy has pissed down the physical and mental life of a common man. However, if one follows some …

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Importance of Exercise

Importance of exercise

Importance of exercise Exercise is an activity that one performs to keep himself fit and healthy.  Different exercises help us in keeping us physically fit others give us mental peace. Some exercises improve sex drive. So, whatever the exercise is, it helps us in one way or the other. Weight …

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