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Spa Pedicure At Home with 10 Household Items

Spa Pedicure At Home with 10 Household Items

You will need:

  1. Small to medium sized tub..
  2. Vaseline petroleum jelly.
  3. Shampoo conditioner
  4. Oil (Olive, coconut or almond)
  5. Nail File, nail cutter.
  6. Foot File.
  7. Half cup sugar
  8. One lemon
  9. Polyethylene wrap or foil
  10. Cream

Optional – Rose petals.

First of all get some hot water in the tub. The water should be hotter than lukewarm but not too hot because that will burn your feet. Add the oil in the water about 1 to 2 tablespoons, next add the shampoo conditioner about 1 to 2 tablespoons. These ingredients will soften your feet during the pedicure process. Add some rose petals in your dip for a spa like feel.

Sit in a comfortable environment put on some background music to totally relax yourself. Before starting the pedicure make sure you clean them once with soap. Before the dip apply Vaseline petroleum jelly on to your heels and sole area of the foot. Dip your feet in the water for about 15 minutes.

Have your towel handy and then take out one foot. Pat dry and wet the foot file and start scrapping off the dead skin gradually.  Remember not to be too harsh you don’t want to hurt yourself.  Next use the file or nail cutter to either trim or file your nails. After that you use sugar and lemon mixed together as a scrub for the pedicure and then scrub your fort one at a time to remove access dead skin. The lemon extract will give a health glow to your feet and remove any tan. Dip your feet back again and rinse off the scrub in the tub water.

Now down to moisturizing and hydrating your feet. Take out a foot apply a heavy amount of moisturizer or softening cream on to the whole foot and then wrap it around with polythene, repeat the same with the other foot and then let your feet rest for about 15 to 20 minutes. After this, carefully unwrap the polythene off your feet and then just rub your feet and massage a little so the remaining amount of cream gets absorbed in. Now your feet will feel cool, soft and hydrated. To end the pedicure, apply any nail colour and vola!

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