Wednesday , May 29 2024

New Updates of Whatsapp for messages

It has been announced that WhatsApp is going to release some message related updates for its apps. This new update will bring the text formatting options that includes bold, italics and strikethrough etc. All of these updates would be able to be used together as well. This update is initially tested in the WhatsApp beta channel in the past two weeks and now finally officially available via the Play Store.

Text formatting feature would work on any WhatsApp application with version v2.12.535 and above. keep in mind that the current version is the version of whatsapp beta. It is Just like other applications which support text formatting. In order to add a symbol to both sides of a word, sentence or phrase needs to be changed as the default format.

All these options would be used simultaneously as well. The user will simply add the relevant symbol to both sides of the word or phrase and repeat the process for other formatting options as well.

Whenever the user receives a message from any friend while using the latest version of the whatsapp, the name of the sender will be in bold in the notification shade. The formatting of the message will also appear in the message previews in the notifications.


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