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Galaxy S8's Screen Size and Battery are Verified

Galaxy S8’s Screen Size and Battery are Verified

Galaxy S8’s Screen Size and Battery are Verified

A Samsung official allegedly “verified” Galaxy S8’s display and details about the pillar!

According to new reports from South Korea, those who expect the Samsung Galaxy S8 to come with a big screen will get what they expect. But the report does not give the same good news for the battery.

A Samsung official who spoke to News1 confirmed that the standard Galaxy S8 will come with a 5.8-inch display and that the 6.2-inch model will be introduced as Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. According to the authority, the 5.8-inch model will have a 3.000mAh pile and the 6.2-inch model will have a 3.500mAh pile. These battery capacities can not be said to be low, but if you look at the big screens of the phones, they are not very powerful. For example, a 5.1-inch Galaxy S7 even has a 3,000mAh pile. However, do not worry about the big screen, because the size of the screen is getting bigger as the leaks get smaller and the size of the phone is not getting bigger.

This can cause concern because battery life has become a common weak point for phones. The components and processor used in the Galaxy S8 are likely to be more power efficient, but we do not know if it will be enough.

Of course, the validity of all these depends on the accuracy of the news. Although the information comes from a Samsung employee, the employee’s name is unknown and seems to be leaked rather than informed.

So it looks like we will not have to wait for the introduction on March 29 to be sure.

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