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Voting opens for Pakistan general election

Voting opens for Pakistan general election

Voting opens for Pakistan general election

A total of 8,508 polling stations and 244,687 polling booths have been established across the country. As many as 40,632 of the polling stations are combined and there are 23,104 male and 21,322 female polling stations. Around 17,007 polling stations have been declared highly sensitive.

According to the ECP, green ballot papers represent National Assembly candidates while white ballot papers represent provincial assembly candidates.

Step one: Polling officers will cross check the NICs and names of voters with the data in the voter lists. The voters name and (silsila number) will be called out for the polling agents to hear.

The names will then be crossed out with a straight line drawn with a ruler. The voters’ thumbs, from the point of the nail to the joint, will be dipped in ink.

Step two: The assistant presiding officers will sign and stamp (mohr lagana) the back of the ballot paper. The voters will then go behind the polling screens to stamp the symbols of their preferred candidate.

Step three: The white and green ballot papers will be dropped into ballot boxes by voters.

The ECP has instructed voters to bring original NICs without which they will not be allowed to cast their vote. Additionally, voters with expired NIC cards are allowed to cast their votes.

The doors of the polling stations will be closed after 6pm. However, voters who are inside the stations when the gates close will be allowed to register their vote.

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