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Recent google AdWords changes

Recent google AdWords changes

Believe it or not, recent Google AdWords changes could mark huge impact on the advertisers.  Yes I must say that, it will affect each and every advertiser.  What are the changes?

Recent google AdWords changes

What changes did Google AdWords make?

Google has recently changed the AdWords display results. They have changed and remove the adverts from the right side.  This change will make change in positions; previously the adverts that are above fold 5-7 will be downgraded to end of the result page.  The ads that are shown in position 4, they are now display above the organic outcomes for high search volume.

Initially Google has started to test this adverts in India, Germany and USA in December 2015, the outcome of these advert test has given boost to them to make it count on global basis. They have then made it applicable to all over the world in February 2016.

What changes are made exactly?

These are some changes that are made, you can fully understand by reading the following changes:

  1. There will be no text advertisement that will be shown on the right rail of the search engine result page.
  2. Google will display 4 text advertisements in place of 3, they will be shown above the organic search results.
  3. Now the 3 text advertisement will be displayed at the bottom end of the search engine result page.
  4. The total text advertisement that will appear in search engine result page will be now seven which previously was 11.
  5. Product listing and knowledge panel will display at right side on related searches.

Recent google AdWords changes
Is this a sudden change?

A lot of us are thinking that why Google has made these changes all of a sudden, but keep in mind that google is testing these changes from 2010. The start of experiencing these changes was started in 2010 when google plan to show ads above the organic results. Later on the advertisers has started to see the dour adverts on the search engine result page as there was no ad that is displayed on the side bars.

Will CPCs go skyrocket?

Well it is too early to comment on this but a lot of experts are expecting that few ads would be cause of increasing the prices because of demand and supply mechanism.  Well, it is important to note that it is not simple to do.

Some experts consider that CPCs for top position will suppress because of impression volume for top page ads.  Well, few experts will disagree this because these all are speculations at the moment. The impact of this change will need more debate when more data is available to test.  With these changes, one thing is clear that advertisers need to change the bid position strategies and they need to update their strategy as well.  These changes will make more impact in future for both SEO and paid search.

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