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Importance of a Click

Importance of a Click


Writer: M.Umair Siddique Khan

With the passage of time internet become very popular and one of the main reason is social networking websites. At the early stage internet was used only for email and chat but after this social networking websites launched and become very popular among people because people found a place where they can share their activities and their point of view with friends.

2 years ago an option of “share” appeared on these websites which is mostly used nowadays but non of us never ever think that the importance of one click on this share button and it’s outcomes.

Most of the people use social media for their personal benefits  Some of them want to promote their business and some of them want to become a well known strong political party. In the same way most of the people are trying to damage reputation of our country and religion.
Most of us used to click on the share button without thinking for even a second that what could be the positive or negative effects?

Whenever we found any stuff which can help some one to improve or change his life then we must share it for the welfare of people but we should never share any post of hadith which has no reference, any news which is not authentic.

Always keep in mind that your one click on “share” bring lot’s of changing.

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