Membership Account

Q: What are the benefits of Umeedain Membership Account?

A: By using Umeedain Membership Account you can avail various services of Umeedain like, Free Business Pages, Publishing Articles, Sharing Videos and images etc.

Q: Is there any fee for Account Registration?

A: No. Umeedain Membership Account is free of cost.

Q: How to Get Umeedain Membership Account?

A: You can apply online for registration at

Q: How much Time it will take to Register?

A: After the Submission of Signup form, it may take approximately 24 hours for the completion of registration through telephonic verification.

Q: Is telephonic verification is compulsory for registration?

A: Yes

Q: Can I lodge a complaint against any account?

A: Yes, if you find any inappropriate account, you can lodge a complaint against that particular account at

Q: Can I delete My Account?

A: You cannot delete any account by yourself. However, You can lodge a complaint at

Q: Can you suspend my account?

A: Yes, Umeedain has right to suspend your account or remove any post at any time.

Sharing Portal:

Q: Which stuff can be shared on sharing portal?

A: You can share any article, image or video related to available categories.

Q: How Can I share my Stuff?

A: You can upload your data at

Q: What is pass code?

A: Pass code is a membership code. This code is required to submit your data.

Q: How much time it will take to upload?

A: After submission it may take 12 hours.

Q: Can you reject or remove any post?

A: Yes, if your posts are found against Islam, Government of Pakistan and Pakistan Army, We will never let you allow to post or may be removed immediately.

Q: Can I set privacy of my posts?

A: No, All posts at Umeedain are Public and visible worldwide.

Q: Can I remove or alter any post of mine?

A: Yes you can submit your alternation request at Your requests will be reviewed by administrator. The admin can take necessary action if needed.

Q: Is there any limit on sharing of data?

A: No you can share unlimited posts.

Business Pages

Q: Is there any charges of Bussiness Pages?

A: No. Business pages are free of cost.

Q: Is it compulsory to have physical location of business?

A: Yes

Q: How many pages I can create?

A: The actual owner of any business can create Free Page for his/her business. The maximum number of allowed pages is 5.

Q: Can I request to increase the limit?

A: Yes if a single owner has more than 5 business then he can submit a request at ________________.

Q: How can I create a page?

A: You can create a page by simply submitting a form on _____________.

Q: How much time it will take to activate a page?

A: It may take 12 to 24 hours.

Q: Can I change the design of my page?

A: No. There is a standard design for “Free Business Pages”. However you may order a professional website with custom layout and design at __________.

Q: Can I remove or alter information of my page?

A: Yes. You can submit your alteration request at _____________.

Q: Who can remove my page?

A: Only Website Administrator can remove any page. The removal of pages depends on strong and valid Justifications/Complaints.

Web Development (U-Tech)

Q: How can I request for a professional website for my Business?

A: You may simply submit a request at or call us any time at +92 3366749472.

Q: Is it compulsory to submit an online request?

A: Yes, It is compulsory to agree all the terms and conditions.

Q: Which benefits I can get?

A: You may get Free Domain and Free Hosting account with Unlimited Bandwidth for 11 months only. The disk Size, Email Accounts, Mysql and other features depends on the selection of hosting package.

Q: Is there any renewal fee?

A: Yes the domain and Hosting will be free for first 11 months only. There would be an annual fee at standard price mentioned on our website. The price may be change on time to time basis. View prices at _______________.

Q: May I have the login information of website?

A: Yes Sure. You may get login information of CMS (Content Management System) only. In order to protect server computers from virus we do not provide access of Cpanel to the user for the safety of customers.

Q: Can I get customer support services?

A: Yes Our customer support services are free of cost. You can lodge a complaint any time at _____________.

Q: Can I request to update my website?

A: Umeedain Provides “User Manual” to its customers. It may guide you to update your websites. However, you can request us to update. It will cost you Rs.3000/- each time.

Q: Can I request to change or alter design of website?

A: On simple alteration in design, you can get 6 months free support.  The designed is usually finalized on the approval of customer. In case of new designed, you will have to pay designing fee again.

Q: What happened when my website expired?

A: Umeedain will serve a notice via email or SMS On the first day of 11th month from the date of registration. The same notice will be revised on 15th date of same month. In case of non-payment the account will be suspended. After one month of suspension, The site and all the data will be removed.

Q: Can I request to transfer my domain and hosting account?

A: No. The users have to be agreed that all domains and hosting accounts will be owned by Umeedain. On the completion of 11 months the users have to pay renewal fee to Umeedain.

Q: What if I refuse to pay renewal fee to Umeedain?

A: In case of non-payment, Umeedain reserve the right to resale or auction the domain.